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 Renu mentioned, “Throughout our divorce, I asked for Kalyan garu to challenge a general public assertion to clarify it, but he didn’t oblige my request.”

She also went on to say that she asked for Pawan to concern a joint assertion regarding the divorce. But Pawan dismissed the ask for. 

नेट बाट यहाँ पनि सुन्छु म जस्ता लखौ छन मन पराउने हजूर को प्रोग्राम .हजुर् ले नया नया प्रतेक हप्ता का कथा हरु अपलोड गरिदिय म अनी म जस्ता हजूर का फ्यान धेरै खुसी हुने थियौ

hi dear kalyan daju how r u? immediately after two a long time I'm able to listion this application in on the web I'm very happyfor this software expensive kalyan daju i loved your voice a great deal and annouching model wow its tooo very good but a single commment i wish to listion a new Tale so plz plzplz.daju your voice is extremely Sensitive and sweet.maintain it up daju hajur ko pragati hos joyful new yr

dear kalyan dada yo stori nepal ma pani sunethaya ra ma yo story doha Qatar ma pani ma suneyar basako chhau….

…dear kalyan g..……….purano matra uplod garnu bhayeko mero katha plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz naya pani uplod garnuhos na hai hajurlai mero anurodh………………..

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Truly dai hajur ko voice ma k chha testo ki yo male tesai bahkichha ani hajur ko yo plan sarai ramro chha dai sadhai suni rahanu pau hai yo system i love this

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thai hajurko method asadhai person paryo .yasarinai tapai hajurle sabaiko kathalai paski rahanus jiwanka harekpailama tapaiko karyakramle saphal ajay chumdai jawos yahichha suvbakamana.

i such as this programme nepal when i continue to be i pay attention every single week,now i am dubai but i listen in online yar that’s why i a lot of happy yar I like this websit?

However, inside a sudden turn of occasions, Suryah left the venture to concentrate on performing assignments and he was changed by Kishore Kumar Pardasani collaborating with Pawan for the second time right after Gopala Gopala (2015). It obtained typically optimistic evaluations from critics.

Renu requested, “I get hate messages from several woman fans of Pawan garu. I desire to ask them only one concern. How would you really feel if Pawan was your partner and right after eleven years of relationship, he gets to be a father to e kalyan another daughter with no telling you?”

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